How To Add Comments In Word File

How To Add Comments In Word File

How To Add Comments In Word File. Click on the review tab. Select comment from the insert menu.

How To Add Comments In Word FileHow To Add Comments In Word File
How To Add Comments to Documents in Word 2010 from

If you click the down arrow beside delete, you can choose to delete all comments within the document at once. To edit your comment, click the comment box and make the change. To edit the comment, click on the message box to make some changes.

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On Navigation Pane, Select Review Then Click New Comment.

To enter a comment in word, place the insertion point into the text or content you want to annotate. Select the comment in question and delete the comment text. Type your comment in the comments window.

Follow The Steps Mentioned Below To Remove An Existing Comment.

A comment mark appears in your document, the comments window opens at the bottom of your document window, the comment mark is placed in the comments window, and word waits for you to enter the text of the comment. If you have the word desktop application, use the open in word command to open the document and turn on track. Other users can then either reply directly.

Select The Comment That You Wish To Remove.

It contains your name and a timestamp that's visible to others. In the comments group, click review, then show comments before sending the document to your printer. Go to insert then comments.

Modern Comments Continue To Work Like Comments Did Before.

Select the post comment button or press ctrl + enter. You can also highlight one or more words to set a comment specifically for that highlighted text. Keep in mind that it's possible for others to edit your comments.

If You Want To Read Comments In A Printed Version Of Your Word Document, Be Sure To Turn On The Comments Before You Print.

Insert your cursor into the newly opened file and select ctrl + v to paste all the comments. In the ribbon menu, click the review tab. From the menu select delete comment;

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