How To Make Your Own Wood Charcuterie Board

How To Make Your Own Wood Charcuterie Board

How To Make Your Own Wood Charcuterie Board. We wanted our board to be really large so drew a circle with a 60cm diameter. Let's take a closer look.

How To Make Your Own Wood Charcuterie BoardHow To Make Your Own Wood Charcuterie Board
DIY Charcuterie Board how to make your own two tier cheese board from

Alright, before we start, let’s talk about the actual board itself. You can adjust these lengths based on the size of the charcuterie board you want to make. Select a wood project from our gallery.

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Whether You Call Them Charcuterie Boards, Cheese Trays, Serving Trays Or Any Other Name The Process Of Making Them Out Of Wood Is Pretty Much The Same.

How to make your own wood charcuterie board. Start by choosing a board. This is how to make a diy xl serving board:

Using The Cookthestory Charcuterie Maps As A General Guide, Place Bowls On Serving Platter According To The Shape Board You’re Using.

How to build a classic charcuterie board step 1: Include grapes for flavor, color, and texture. It’s always best to include an odd number of cheeses, usually 3 or 5.

To Season The Board, It’s Important To Finish It With Mineral Oil.

Start from the middle and work your way out while spreading items across the space. Let's take a closer look. To draw a large circle, measure to find the centre of the board and lightly hammer a nail into it.

Blow Off The Sawdust From The Wood And Then Use A Piece Of Tack Cloth To Remove The Rest Of It.

Well in this video john will at least show you his process for batching out some charcuterie boards out of a walnut slab as fast as he can for the purpose of reselling. Pull the cheeses out of the refrigerator about an hour ahead of time, because room temperature cheese (as opposed to cold cheese) allows the full flavors to shine through. Clamps held a strip of wood with screws attached that held the wood pieces in place by pushing them into the bottom of the container.

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Choose From A Variety Of Paint And Wood Stain Colors In The Workshop.

It’s your board so seriously anything goes. This can be any flat surface—like a cutting board, serving tray, or lazy susan—and square, rectangular, or round. Since charcuterie boards aren’t usually much longer than 24″ or wider than 18″, this means you can pick some up for around $6.